Alitt Susanto

Alitt Susanto initially often wrote his unique experiences in a blog. He once tried to send a collection of stories to several publishers, but always ended up with rejection, until finally one publisher opened the door and received the manuscript entitled "Shitlicious" and published in 2010. Besides writing, Alitt also has some other activities such as being an internet marketer for the Endank Soekamti music group, and collaborating with Arief Muhammad "Pocong" the author of the novel "Pocong Also Pocong" created the site. Aliit often writes one of his love stories into a book. As a result, not only did he gain material benefits, but also his popularity was increasingly known to the public, especially in cyberspace. He also admitted, extracting his writing ideas could come from anywhere. Not only from personal experience, but also through other people's experiences. The author of the book "Skripshit" also initiated the #Creative Charity landline tour. In this activity, Alitt transmitted his creative writing virus to Jogja, Jember, Semarang, Surabaya, Malang, Klaten and Solo. The 50 participants who attended the seminar were stuffed with material about digging ideas, developing conflicts through emotion, to the techniques of presenting comedy stories. In the series, Alitt also raised funds to donate children to orphanages through donations he collected from free seminars in each city.