Weird Genius

WEIRD GENIUS is an Indonesian electronic music supergroup consists of DJ/producers/internet personalities Reza Oktovian, Billy Taner, and Eka Gustiwana, each of whom is an accomplished DJ/producer/internet personality in their own right. Hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia they came from different backgrounds and have different talents yet glued together with their one similar passion: Electronic Music. The group was formed on September 2016 with an aim to bring local music to the international stage and to influence the young generations of Indonesia to start appreciating local music more. They do that by making their own signature electronic music by combining traditional Indonesian instruments with electronic elements. WEIRD GENIUS released their first official commercial production debut “DPS” on November 22, 2016. A song which puts them in the Indonesian electronic music industry’s radar because of the fresh sounds and ideas that the group produced, a combination of Balinese traditional instrument with electronic music elements. In 2017, WEIRD GENIUS continues their musical journey by releasing 4 self-released music and numerous uncredited productions such as 2 fan favorites “Sweet Scar” and “Lunatic”, the controversial “WKWK Land”, and the melodic “Big Bang”. In February 2018, WEIRD GENIUS made their first international debut release “Dreams”, collaborating with Dolf and Rochelle on Barong Family, a music label / artist management owned by the Netherlands DJ/producer duo Yellow Claw. Another follow-up single is also released on the same month, a festival favorite titled “Irukandji”. Since their debut in 2016, WEIRD GENIUS has been playing sold out shows all over Indonesia and some countries in South East Asia (festivals and club events). Some notable show such as Youtube Fan Festival Jakarta 2016 and 2017, Viral Fest Asia Festival Bangkok 2017, Local Act for Cash Cash Live Yogyakarta 2017, Soundrenaline Bali 2017, Decibels Music Festival Surabaya 2017, Local Act for Yellow Claw’s Indonesian Tour 2018, Skygarden Bali 2018, Local Act for The Chainsmokers Live in Concert Jakarta 2018, and Shivering Grounds Jakarta 2018. Each set they play and each song they make is worth remembering for, and with their career in the music industry peaking and demands getting higher they keep a low profile with high quality music. Be on the lookout for their newest original productions, collaborations, remixes, and other exciting announcements soon.